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Post by AranKirostok on Thu May 07, 2015 6:34 am

I am myself a very cultural, gentlemanly, knightly and actually domesticated and civilized AOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *cought* Werewolf. Being who I am I have put myself in position of Lady Phyrnna's personal bodyguard, as well as Guardian of the Chat, where I mind that noone get's hurt during our sessions. Having few personalities in me, you are free to call me Aran which is my person name, Likan which is my wolf name, or Guardian, for that is my function. I hope we can all get together and that I won't be in need of use of my claws. I'd rather hug and cuddle you all than shred to peaces. Sincerely.

As few of you might know I have actually another form of a werewolf, so called Werewolf of Love, which uses magic of love and friendship, as well as ticklish licks and healing hugs. Name of this fellow is Amur. There's also the ultra form of Likan, though I am too afraid of use it, for it draws me mad and is the ultimate weapon used only in face of inevitable danger. Don't want to lose it and kill any of you, you know.

There is also my former elf-self, respectively named Aran, actual wielder of this name, though I rarely use this form

-Black fur
-Red eyes
-Rather grumpy, sorta sad
-Likes hunting
-Is very ??? and in ??? with ???.

-Pink fur
-Pink eyes with heart-shaped irises
-Happy, huggly, hella cheerful
-Rash and irresponsible

-Likes stones, boobies, fireplaces, hugs, scratches, nature, honesty, loyalty, friendship, heartfulness, truthfulness, being knightly.
-Has an off-job as a hairdresser and wardrobe stylist
-2,5m tall

Rawr - hello message
*twitches ears and looks towards [name], saying* Welcome - welcome message
*Tying sword to his back, drops on all fours, and looks behind saying* Farewell *then slowly moves towards destination known only to him*
"WHO SAID THAT!?" - after saying something he shouldn't


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