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Grand/Cruzer (The Pun Purveyor)  Empty Grand/Cruzer (The Pun Purveyor)

Post by Cruzer on Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:50 pm

Hello! The Admin of the Forums here, and the most Faithful to Lady Phyrnna Herself, Grand/Cruzer! I don't mind what ya call me, but just as long as it's a GRAND thing to see! I am the Loyal Servant of Lady Phyrnna, and a very frequent viewer/chatter in the streams. Don't be afraid to talk to me though, I'm mostly laid back and really get into character, but it's all for the fun of chat! Have a fun time in the forums~

-The Tsundere Punmaster herself
-Frequently Innuendo'ed & Shipped (Against own will)
-Likes Puns, and started a drinking game from it.
-Writes a Novel in free time.

The Many Names of Cruzer:
Cruzer, Grand, Grandie, Cruz-Chan, Cru-Chan, Cruzie, Grandie-pandie, Cruzie-Pie, Cruzini, Trap, Tsundere, Tsun-Tsun, Dere-Dere, Milotic (Knows twister, water pulse, wrap, refresh), Grandcruz, The Grand One, The Pun Purveyor, The Queen of Puns (Formerly)

"Cruzer makes her Grand entrance!"-Entering the chat
"Keep on Cruzin' "-When somebody leaves chat
"I still don't have an exit catchphrase~" -When leaving the chat
"Be back in a sex."

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