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Post by CtrlFreak1337 on Fri May 08, 2015 12:42 pm

"F*** YOU, I'M A F***ING DRAGON." -Cards Against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy

I'm a bit of a wild card, and you never know who I'll be playing for. I consider myself to be a balanced person, with the exception of my extreme introversion. I have the mind of a realist and the heart of an idealist, so I tend to be extremely rational most of the time. Provoke me, though, and you'll unleash a "righteous" tirade you won't enjoy. So please, avoid being intentionally impolite- unless, of course, everyone knows that it's all in good fun.

While my username is CtrlFreak (sometimes with the "1337", sometimes without), I am also often referred to as "Sevyx", as that is the name of my persona. His backstory is... complicated, and ties into an in-progress game (potentially game series) and is being explained in a novel I'm writing. Suffice it to say, for now at least, that he is a dragon-winged human who, through his own actions and a bizarre twist of fate, has been exiled from time for creating a time paradox. This has rendered him functionally immortal, immune to the ravages of time that would otherwise cause him to grow old and die. (He can still be killed, he just won't die on his own.) He has made his way back into the temporal world, and now travels the universe with his friends and allies, Ruethus Shadowkin and Mecha-Ro, chasing an ancient prophecy while still trying to not be clich├ęd. Not necessarily an easy task.

Keep an eye out for "Teria", the first installment of the Undying Assailor game series. Release date TBD, depends on how much of a problem school is for all of us.

"Qui nescit nihil intelligant nihil."
"Show me your strength!"
"This world is ours to command, and our future belongs to us alone. Our fate is what we create, and the world will know our names for what we leave behind."
"Destati! Destati! Forza, tendi la mano! Destati! Destati! E giunta l'ora!"
"Noli manere in memoria! Ferum, terribile fatum... Ille iterum veniet!"
"Light is no more good than a stone, and darkness no more evil. The two are simply attributes, sometimes forces, and they are neutral. What matters is the person that uses them, and how they use them."

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