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Post by Midnightabyss on Thu May 07, 2015 4:16 pm

the names MidnightAbyss or Midnight or Abyss for sort, I am one of the quiet ones, heh most of the time, I can be laud when i want because of my difference personalities i have so if you see this ........... then i mite switch personality's ( bat sh¨¨t insane, sane ( witch is rare), hyper, sadistic, lazy ( witch is the main pers) exact... )
I may randomly transform in to random animals for the fun of it, because i am a multiform tailed beast (mostly uses a nine tailed fox)

i am the self proclaimed god of Abyssal dimension
ps my bat sh¨¨t insane personality may talk about taking over the world
pps my sadistic side may be overprotective

fox form (nine tails)
black wit red tips of the tails
blue on the top of the head in a half moon
red eyes

the other forms has the same colorbase

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